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Cool Cover Munich 2020 Magazin deWhether as print issue or as practical eBook – NEW IN THE CITY Hamburg gives newcomers to Hamburg a super-fast overview of their new home without having to do a lot of research on the Internet themselves.

We provide useful information about moving and help you to find a place to live. We also list the best locations in the city from the areas of leisure, sport, scene, gastronomy, shopping and culture. Easy to follow, entertaining and as usual completely bilingual!

Information on education and career as well as on child and school is available at a glance.

New this year is our mascot "the little astronaut", who leads through the magazine with lots of charm and humour.

Also new is the picture guide over six double pages. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so lots of pictures are worth …

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New to Hamburg? We’ll help you to move and settle in.

Language schools in Hamburg

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Language schools in Hamburg have helped foreigners from many different nations including Brazilians, Croatians, Swedes and Chinese to express themselves in German. There are lots of schools specializing in teaching German as a foreign language.

New in Hamburg? This is what you need to know...

Alstadt_Rathaus_-Sylvaindeutsch-Dreamstime.comAltstadt, Rathaus, © Sylvaindeutsch,

Hamburg is an easy-going place. People from Northern Germany are not easily upset. No stress, is their motto, going about things in a “suutje” way (Low German for gentle). Maybe that attitude is caused by the closeness of water, which is known to have a soothing effect.

Apartment hunting – how to find a flat in Hamburg

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Finding an apartment in Hamburg is not too difficult. Of course, that always depends on what you are looking for and in which district. Living downtown is becoming more and more popular, for example, so you need to be a little more patient to find something here. And of course, finding a small apartment...

The experts for settling in: Moving & relocation addresses

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Once you have found a new residence, you might need help moving. To make room for the moving truck, you can ask your local Ordnungsamt for permission to put up no parking signs. But do not forget to contact a “Schilderdienst” (sign service) because the adminis tration does not provide the signs.